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The Explorer Backpack invites you to leave the comforts of the indoors and explore the world outside. You can order your own pack from place on the planet or make your own from the suggested kit of parts supplied online. Start with a pair of binoculars, an audio recorder, a magnifying glass, a drawing pad or journal, a terrain map and compass. Learn to navigate, observe and record the world on your own.


Our initiative is designed to offer a diversity of user experiences to reach an audience ranging from young to old. Engagement in play, informal and formal learning, and entertainment will increase awareness of our living earth systems through a variety of products.

We will be producing and curating video and audio documentaries connecting people of purpose and places of interest, which represent how different people, disciplines and organizations are reconnecting us to a living earth. These narrative will become available on-line as they are completed.


Based on five story frames of our narratives, we are developing five unique board games that make the experience and ideas engaging, fun and meaningful. If you are interested in testing these prototype games, please send us an email of interest. 





Physical exhibits have been a big part of our design career and we are leveraging this experience in the design of multimedia environments. As part of our initial project, we are designing an experiential theater to travel to museums and other public venues. This experience, called Earth Odyssey.

Undeniably, mobile technology is here to stay.

We will offer new opportunities to provide content in outdoor education, entertainment, gaming and navigation. We view the mobile device as a connector across all media. With VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) coming on board, the opportunity to delivery an immersive

experience to a more expansive audience Is now possible.


We are currently prototyping hands-on learning kits to explore dynamic ways for children and families to learn together with 3D activities, both for indoor and outdoor use.  We will also be working to engage all five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, providing open-ended, immersive experiences.

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