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forces of nature


Captures the earth as a dynamic system of forces that have shaped the physical planet as we know it. The stories in this section will frame the earth in the context of large, interconnected systems.




lost but not forgotten

Portrays the earth in time as a continuously evolving system, forming over 4.6 billion years, a period in which human existence occupies a very short span of time.

patterns of life


Features interconnected and diverse living systems, using patterns as a framework to explore living systems. The patterns of life are revealed in many forms, from physical patterns in structures to temporal recurring patterns in time (day to night, season to season).

human endeavors

This collection of stories will focus on the challenge of re-directing our future endeavors using our collective/shared knowledge and innovations in technology and social practices to define and solve the challenges of protecting the planet's living systems.

in search of meaning
Gives purpose to our actions and connects our human history with the future of human endeavor, helping to elevate our perception of the human condition.

“Consider the possibility that a frame for understanding the deeper mysteries of our

existence may be relevant to our future. ”

-David C. Korten. Change the Story, Change the Future

five story frames
To grasp human life on the planet in a broader perspective, we have developed five story frames to deepen our understanding of our existence on earth and to guide the process of producing, curating and featuring stories from around the globe.
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