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Play is fundamental to learning throughout our lives. From mobile APPs and board games to larger scale play spaces, these games can be adapted to individuals or to large groups of team players.

forces of nature game


Players travel over and under oceans, along the shores and across the land, navigating your way through habitats such as forests, marshlands, grasslands, deserts and polar ice caps. Along this journey, you will experience the elevated forces of nature throughout the 4 elements. The more force, the higher the score. Learn what causes earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, hurricanes, pounding ways, heavy rains and more. The earth is not always a friendly place.

lost but not forgotten game

In this activity, the players encounter a large flat map of the earth with the corresponding latitude and longitude on the perimeter of the map.

The Lost Cards are dealt out from a deck of 52 cards, divided equally to the participants. Recommended number is 4-6 players. Along this journey, you will match the Lost Cards with the corresponding latitude and longitude on the map, offering a general location and insight into

a past event — long lost in time, but not forgotten.

patterns of life game

This game will explore the evolution of life on the planet, beginning in the center of the spiral and moving outward in a cyclical growing motion. From a single cell organism to the social organization of bees, and the migration of birds and mammals, explore these and other patterns that humans have adapted to or invented. Our life can be seen as part of a larger system of existing patterns of life.

human endeavors game

This game will explore the evolution of human endeavors on the planet, allowing the players to glimpse the changing technologies and ways of life that have evolved. The player will enter the recent age of the Anthropocene, where our species has grown in size and resource consumption (not always equitable). Starting on a game board nearly 200,000 years ago, this game will advance though time at an accelerating rate to bring us to the current time frame and present us with the prospects of a grim or glorious future.

search for meaning game

In this board game, up to four players or teams start on one side of the board and advance across the field of “meaningful” places, with each of the 16 landing squares representing diverse acts of meaningful expression. From poetry, music, dance and the visual arts to ritual, ceremonies, and philosophy, the search and possibility of expression is endless. While the four players or teams cross each other going in different directions, their intersections of paths share similar pursuits for the expression of meaning.

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