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This design is for the Earth Odyssey, an immersive theater that will accommodate from 25-30 persons. Through the selection of a program from multiple menus, visitors are guided through journeys above, around and on the planet. Shown on an array of interior flat screen portholes spectacular aerial and ground imagery, macro-photography and video reveal the beauty, diversity and grandness of the planet’s  living inhabitants from different biomes around the world. 

We are currently developing a modular theater that can be configured in various sizes and shapes. Circulation and flow into and out of the space is an important feature, pulsing groups of 25-30 through every 10 minutes. Interactive stations in the exterior portholes engage the visitors cueing up for the show. The theater can also work simply as a bioacoustic theater where the visitors experience a diverse natural world though the orchestrated songs and language of animals, underscored by the geophonic sounds of water, waves, wind, thunder an more.

As a signature feature to our future exhibits, we are developing an immersive theater for public venues. The experience of entering into a controlled environment to experience a multi-sensory, multi-media show with sequenced video, directional sound and programmed lighting can have a profound effect on the senses and the imagination. 

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