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Contents: Binoculars, terrain map, magnifying glass, compass, journal or sketch pad, pencils, rubbing charcoal, birds, plants, butterflies or other guide. 

Activities will be continually updated on line and downloaded from the website.

The Explorer Backpack invites you to leave the comforts of the indoors and explore the world outside. You can order your own pack from place on the planet or make your own from the suggested kit of parts supplied online. Start with a pair of binoculars, magnifying glass, a drawing pad or journal, a terrain map and compass and learn to navigate, observe and record the world on your own. Of course, you can bring your mobile device with GPS and your mobile phone camera for sound recording, video or still images, but with the explorer backpack you are encouraged to use your eyes, ears and sense of touch and smell to discover the world around you. 

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