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All species have ways of communicating and defining their place on the planet in their habitat. Through language, symbols and rituals, humans seek to find meaning that go beyond the basic needs of our survival. Let’s face it, the Earth doesn’t need us, but we need the bounty that the planet offers. In our evolved existence, we seek a meaningful connection to our place on the planet. This connection takes many forms from many different perspectives. We may be adrift in a long experiment called evolution, on a very big and heartless orb, but we continue to seek solace in the pursuit of meaning and collective awareness of our human conditions. The stories in this section pay tribute to the wonderful ways that we seek to make meaning in our lives: through community, expression, mindful practices, and sharing. And most essentially, these stories will remind us of how important it is for humans to find meaning in action, as well as words and thought.

 photo by Lincoln Capricone 

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