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on the planet ?

...inviting you to think and act differently about how we live on our planet

origins of project

Whirlwind Creative, a multi-disciplinary design studio, is developing an innovative educational initiative to bring together our years of experience, miles of traveling and meeting people in many different disciplines and places.

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future of project

place on the planet will offer a deeper understanding of the place of humans on the planet and feature individuals and organizations that ​​demonstrate new ways to think about our personal and collective responsibilities to the planet and to each other.

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Featuring videos and audio narratives that place our individual lives on the planet in a broader perspective, expanding our sense of place, purpose and time.

Reconnecting you to the natural world through outdoor activities, videos, educational curriculum and exhibits.

Follow our informal reflections and uncharted course as we embark on this journey.  Feel free to submit ideas for people, places or projects to be published here.


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We believe that in the world around us a myriad of stories exist about people involved in projects that connect to the living earth, living communities and living processes. Place on the Planet - Reconnecting with the Living Earth welcomes references for ideas, people, projects, places and events the exemplify the Living Earth theme.


Please send us a brief description and a link (if one exists) that can tell us more about your recommendation.

Whirlwind Creative, Inc.
335 West 38th Street #5A
New York, NY 10018

David Lackey

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