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The exact origin of a place on the planet is difficult to pin point. So the following is a brief accounting of projects that I have worked on since the early years of my career which led to my keen interest in and concern for the living planet.

-David Lackey, Principal. Whirlwind Creative.

1992  Birth of second child, Anna

Conservation of our resources becomes doubly important


1995  Bruce Museum Environmental Education Center  Greenwich, Connecticut

Changes in the earth over time, from a global to local perspective.


1996 Seed the Earth: Monterrey, Mexico

Can expanding agricultural technologies keep up with a growing population?


1997  Environmental Overviews for the Tennessee Aquarium Imax Theater.

Images and sounds from bio-regions around the world can show what diversity really means

origins of place on the planet

1982   World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee

Energy alternatives for the future.

1984   Worlds Fair in New Orleans

Exploring the theme fresh water as a source of life

1985 National Museum of Oil and Gas in Saudi Arabia

Understanding the impact of the science and technology of oil and gas exploration 


1986 The Statue of Liberty Museum

The meaning of freedom and the choice to move around the world


1989  Birth of first child, Simone.


1991 Hong Kong on the Museum of Science and Industry.

Global expansion of the Chinese economy, manufacturing and trade.


1992  Caring for Earth exhibit for the United Nations.

Principals of sustainability for developed and developing nations. 

2002 Mohegan Tribe

Honoring and preserving the legacy of an indigenous people

2002-2005 Lower Manhattan Development Corporation - Rebuilding of Ground Zero

Does architecture and memorials ever reverse the tragedy of terrorism?


2006 Coming Home: David Burnett's images following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina 

Documenting the destruction of the region after the Storm


2007  Floodwall: An Artist's Memorial to New Orleans 

Commemorating the loss of homes and lives


2008  The Great Smoky Mountains

The resillience of one of the most bio-diverse regions in the United States after 80% of the forests were clear-cut. A testiment to the to how the National Park Service is preserving our land


2009 EcoVillage in Ithaca, New York

An intentional community that offers a new model for concentrated housing within the conservation of natural habitat.


2010 Suffolk County Environmental Center on Long Island.

Design for an environmental education center.


2010-2011 National Park Service

Padre Island National Seashore, Voyageurs National Park, Canyonlands National Park

Realizing how important it is to preserve large areas of the natural world for all to enjoy


2008-2012  Duke Farms: Center for Land Stewardship

How a private estate becomes a 900-acre park that's free and open to the public to educate visitors on sustainable landscapes, regenerative habitats, and understanding of the relationship between natural and human built systems.


2012 place on the planet is conceived

An idea is born to develop a comprehensive environmental educational initiative that will shift our focus from an anthroprocentric to biocentric 


2013 Trek across the United States

Documenting the vast landscapes of the United States from ocean to ocean with panoramic photographer LIncoln Castricone offers a new understanding where my place on the planet is


2013 Joined the Living Future Institute.

Finding inspiration from thinkers, designers and practitioners who share experience in regenerative design and social just practices


2014 Buckminister Fuller Challenge 

Creating a video about The Challenge opens our minds to the possibilities of real change


2015 Planet Earth WasteLab for Greenville, South Carolina

An educational initiative to train the next generation of "WasterNots" to reduce consumption in order to live ligher on the land


2015 Consulted on Interactive Earth—a company combining geospatial literacy, earth visualizations, narratives, and science education to promote systems thinking. 


2016 Launched place on the planet

A collective vision of people working together to live within the carrying capacity of the earth...  

"Fresh water is a rare commodity. Only 3% of the water on earth is fresh, and most of that is trapped underground or in ice. Less than one-tenth of 1%  of water on earth supports terrestrial life, including humans."

"To adopt an ethic for sustainable living requires each of us to re-examine our values and alter our behavior."

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