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  • Describe for us what your are doing personally, professionally or within your organizational that relates to place on the planet, reconnecting to living earth.


  • Recommend exemplary projects, individuals or organizations that could be featured in place on the planet.

  • Send us your ideas about how to improve our endeavor.

The success of place on the planet will depend on promoting or collaborating with a wide range of individuals and organizations.


We invite your participation in this project. 

A gift from nature and the hands of artisans

place on the planet seeks to identify human endeavors (individuals and organizations) that fully value the preservation of natural systems or incorporate the principles of living systems into their design, educational or community work or lifeways.


We will promote a wide range of projects from land preservation efforts, regenerative projects in landscape and ecological design, and the expanding areas of biomimicry, biophilic design, and other conscious ecological design practices which use living systems that influence how we design and manage landscapes, buildings and transportation systems, ensure health and wellbeing, plan future livable cities, manage energy, food and water systems, reduce the waste stream and minimize the productions of toxin.

We are on a mission to compile and document stories that exemplify authentic, caring, socially inspiring projects that aim to unite people in the common cause of honoring the planet’s biological systems and resources, biodiversity, building community and socially just practices.


Please contact us if you have ideas or projects for consideration as we launch this venture: projects that are documented or need to be documented and shared with others.  In our endeavor, we may not be fully equipped to solve the world’s wicked problems of climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution, and social injustice but we hope play a role to increase awareness of the individuals and organizations that comprise the current and future stewards of our planet, to honor the work that they are doing in their place on the planet.

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